Fort Collins Lambkins

Where Excellence is Expected


At Fort Collins High School, we value and respect the diverse members of our community and honor every individual’s passion and chosen path toward success. The FCHS Pillars of Excellence as articulated through the core values of acceptance, pride, integrity, respect and responsibility guide our interactions with each other and within our community. These pillars reflect our strong traditions and provide the framework for the many initiatives that exist to assure that Fort Collins High School is a place where educational excellence and equity are priorities and where student potential is maximized. 

A few of the many traditions and organizations reflective of our culture are:

 Peer Counselors and Stop and Think Week

 A long-standing tradition, peer counselors are a select group of seniors who support our student body through tutoring, counseling, presentations on safety and just being there to listen. Stop and Think Week focuses the attention of entire student body on issues impacting teens like drug and alcohol use, bullying, suicide, mental health and other relevant topics.

Latin-American Student Association

World Language Department’s International Day

Northern Colorado Diversity Conference at FCHS
Established in 2012, the annual Northern Colorado Diversity Conference provides a forum to celebrate the many faces of our community. Past sessions have included: Unpacking your Cultural Identities, Search for the Truth: Exploring Religion and It’s a Man’s World?

 Integrated Services Service Learning Project

 Remington Street Review
(a student-created literary magazine)

 Mulberry Street Unlimited

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