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The following policies are specific to Fort Collins High School. If you have any questions or concerns please see an Administrator.

For policies that are district wide please go to PSD Policies (you are leaving the FCHS website)

Attendance & Tardy

Attendance (970) 488-8018

Link to Poudre School District Student Rights & Code of Conduct for PSD's Attendance Policy.

Fort Collins High School is conferred by the State of Colorado and the Poudre School District the responsibility for determining if an absence is excused.  As provided by state law, FCHS may require suitable proof from a student’s parent/guardian to excuse an absence and this may include medical documentation.

As a practice, attendance will be taken within the first five minutes of the start of the class period. Students who are not in class when attendance is taken will be marked UNEXCUSED ABSENT for the period until a legitimate reason is provided within 48 hours of the absence. Excessive unexcused absences can result in increasing levels of school interventions and may negatively impact a student's academic achievement.

Unexcused Absences

Below are examples of reasons that WILL NOT be accepted to excuse an absence because they do not satisfactorily explain or justify why a student was absent based on the reasons listed above.

Studying for a test
Oversleeping/alarm clock malfunction
Standing in line for tickets
Family vacation that was not prearranged with an administrator
Studying in school library, cafeteria or commons area during a scheduled class
Visiting another high school
Train delays/car trouble

Campus monitors will be tracking unexcused absences through Synergy. Every two weeks a list of unexcused absences will be generated. Students who accumulate three or more unexcused absences within that time period will be assigned a 45 minute detention for the third and every subsequent unexcused absence up to 6 unexcused absences. Students who have 7 or more unexcused absences will result in an office referral. Students will be personally notified of their detentions by one of the campus monitors. Failure to serve the detention within 48 hours will result in an office referral.

Our goal is to positively impact our school-wide attendance and ultimately student success by creating a more immediate and meaningful response to unexcused absences. Generally speaking, we will assign detentions during lunch or off hours. However, in the event that a student has missed a significant number of class periods, that student may be assigned a ½ day or full day of In School Suspension. Since this is a new policy, the administrative team will be working closely with the campus supervisors, students and staff to make adjustments as the semester progresses.

Pre-Arranged Absences

A student will be allowed five (5) days per school year for family/non-school related events.  In order for these absences to be excused, a student must:
1.)    Meet with his/her grade-level Dean of Students at least two days prior to the absence to pick up a Prearranged Absences Form.
2.)    Make contact with all of his/her teachers to arrange for make-up work.
3.)    Return the Prearranged Absence Form before the absence begins to the FCHS attendance clerk for processing.

Makeup Work for Absences

The amount of credit a student earns for make-up work is dependent upon what type of absence is reported in the student’s attendance record.  It is the student’s responsibility to pick up permitted make-up assignments on the day he or she returns to class.  There shall be at least one day allowed to make up work for each day of absence. Link to PSD Student Code of Conduct Policy for more information.

Excused Absences & Suspensions:  The student is entitled to receive full credit for the completed make-up work.

Unexcused Absences: Make-up work shall be allowed with the goal of providing the student an opportunity to keep up with the class and an incentive to attend.  Credit for make-up work shall be awarded as follows:
*Minimum of 50% for class work and homework assignments
*Minimum of 50% of grade earned on quizzes or unit assessments
*Teachers have the discretion to give more points, not to award less


 Students are considered tardy when the late bell rings and will need a pass in order to enter the classroom.  Campus supervisors will be stationed at the end of each hall to distribute passes. Students are expected to attend class even if they are late. There are two types of tardies:

1.)     Tardy Excused:  A student arriving late to class with a yellow FCHS pass will be considered tardy excused and will receive a “TE” in Gradebook.

2.)    Tardy Unexcused:  A student who arrives within ten minutes after the start of class will be considered tardy unexcused and will need a tardy pass from a campus supervisor to enter class. Upon the  fourth unexcused tardy, and each successive tardy, the student will be issued a 25-minute detention by the campus supervisor.  The detention must be served within 24 hours during a non-scheduled period. Failure to serve detention leads to increasing detention time and possible an office referral for insubordination.

Students are considered unexcused tardy when they arrive within the first ten minutes of class. The Klyde room will run a tardy report every Wednesday and campus monitors will contact students. If the student comes in on Wednesday or Thursday of the same week they will serve a 15 minute detention. If the student comes in after Thursday of the issued tardy they will receive a 25 minute detention.

All students will receive 4 free tardies total per semester. 

After ten minutes, students are counted as unexcused absent; however, they are still expected to attend class and should be allowed into class after ten minutes without a pass.

Safe To Tell

Anonymously report anything that concerns or threatens you, your friends, your family or your community.

Select the following link to leave the FCHS website and go directly to Safe To Tell

Dress Code

Senior High Dress Code

In an effort to create an environment that focuses on student achievement, the Poudre School District, in conjunction with staff and students from Fort Collins High School, Poudre High School, Rocky Mountain High School and Fossil Ridge High School have agreed upon the following dress code guidelines.

School is a business and professional work environment for students.  Clothing should be appropriate for school and school activities.  Clothing and other forms of personal appearance should not distract from the learning environment and should not be intimidating.

  • Clothing must cover underwear, the midriff, chest and buttocks.
  • Undergarments (i.e. bras, underwear, boxers) should not be visible.
  • No spaghetti straps, or camisole tops without an over shirt.
  • Clothing which promotes alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gang affiliation, sexuality or profanity will not be allowed.
  • Any jewelry or accessories that could be used as a weapon will not be allowed.  Bandanas are not to be worn or displayed at any time on school grounds or at school activities.
  • Skirts and shorts must be mid-thigh length.
  • Shoes or sandals must be worn at all times.
  • When standing, shirts should be below the belly button.  Half shirts, see-through shirts, mesh shirts, halter-tops, or any tops with out a back will not be allowed.
  • Sweatshirt hoods (“hoodies”) may not be up while in the building.
  • No wearing of sunglasses in the building.

Certain school activities may be exempt from these guidelines with administrative approval.
Students found in violation of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action.

Parking and Driving

The following rules will be enforced to assist in a safe and orderly environment for FCHS.  Fines and/or disciplinary action may be taken.  These rules are based upon Poudre School District policies JLIE - STUDENT VEHICLE USE AND PARKING & JIH - SEARCHES

  • All students and staff vehicles parked on school property must display a valid and current parking hang tag.  PSD, Police, Fire, Delivery, and visitor vehicles are excluded.
  • Falsification on parking application will result in driving and parking privileges on Campus being revoked.
  • 1 Parking hang tag may be obtained at no cost for students and staff by contacting the Front Desk or Campus Security
  • Only 1 parking hang tag is allowed per student unless lost or stolen and a fee will be charged to replace lost or stolen tags.
  • Hang tags may not be transferred from one person to another person.
  • Campus Security or Front Desk must be notified if hang tag is lost or stolen and a new tag must be purchased.
  • Campus Security or Front Desk must be notified if there is a change of vehicles.
  • Parking hang tag must be returned if student has lost parking privileges, been expelled, or withdrawn from school.
  • Moving another person’s vehicle to cause a violation will result in driving and parking privileges suspended or revoked.
  • Anyone found to be involved in a hit and run will have driving and parking privileges on Campus revoked.
  • Offensive writing, signage, or gang affiliation items may not be displayed in or on Vehicles on PSD property.
  • Students may not loiter (hang out) in vehicles during class hours.
  • PSD tickets may be issued upon any violation or action that may be a safety concern.
  • Vehicles may be booted for any offense and a fine accessed.
  • Tickets may be issued by School Resource Officer resulting in fines or loss of points on driver’s license.
  • Vehicles larger than current parking spaces or pulling trailers onto property must have administrator approval.
  • Disrespect to other drivers or insubordination to staff will result in driving and parking privileges onto Campus being revoked and disciplinary action.
  • Driving and parking privileges onto Poudre School District property may be temporarily or permanently suspended for any violation at any time.
  • Vehicles parked on, or adjacent to campus may be searched at any time if there is reasonable suspicion that contraband, District policy, or laws may have been violated.
  • Tickets may be avoided by filling out a Notification of NO PERMIT located at the front desk if you have forgotten your hang tag and are unable to display it.

Violations that may be ticketed and/or booted:

$10 Fine $50 Fine $75 Fine
Valid hang tag not displayed Parked in the bus lane or drop off lane Display of lost, stolen, borrowed, or copied hang tag
Hang tag # not visible or readable from front windshield Parked next to red curb or in no parking/tow zone Student parked in the Staff lot or Handicapped space
Parked taking 2 spaces or across lines Boot fee for application and removal of boot Student parked in the Visitor’s space
Parked on the curb or sidewalk Careless or reckless driving
Parked on the grass
Parked or driving on snow piles
Appearance of exceeding the speed limit of 15 M.P.H.
Burn out or squealing of tires
Failing to stop where posted or marked

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Visitor's Sign-In Procedures

1.  All Visitors must sign-in at the front office.
2.  Visitor's may be asked for identification if requesting a meeting with a student.
3.  Appointments with staff must be made in advance.
4.  Front office will call to confirm appointment.
5.  All staff (except Counseling) must come to office to meet the guest.

Graduates and former students are considered visitors and must follow the visitor procedures above. There is no "shadowing" of students allowed.

All Visitors must wear a "Pass" at all times. Anyone without a "Pass" will be escorted out of the building by security or may be cited for trespassing.

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