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Fort Collins High School is over 120 years old.  Classes were originally held on the second floor of the old Franklin Grade School at the corner of West Mountain and Howes Street.  Approximately 40 students were in the first classes at the school.

By 1903, the need for a new building was apparent.  At this time, the high school was moved to a new building on Meldrum Street where the present Lincoln Center stands.  During the ensuing years, additions were placed on this building in 1915 and 1921.

In 1924 a brand new building, which currently stands at 1400 Remington Street, was constructed.  Classes were held in this building from 1925 to 1995. In 1953, a large gym was built on the north side of the building.  A science addition was added to the south end in the late 1970s.

Due to increasing student numbers, a new Fort Collins High School was built at the corner of Horsetooth and Timberline Roads at 3400 Lambkin Way, and it opened in the fall of 1995. Even though there is a new building, Fort Collins High School will remain THE HOME OF THE CHAMPIONS!

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Summary of Traditions

Mascot and Colors: Our old mascot was a gentle lamb named Leroy - more recently portrayed with the tough and hungry face of Clyde.  In either case we are the ONLY Lambkins in the country, and we love it - even the ribbing we take.  Our colors are purple and gold and we wear them with pride.

Alma Mater at Noon: Another Tradition is the singing of the Alma Mater between seventh and eight periods on Fridays.  The A Cappella choir sings on the steps in the main spine Prospect Wing.

Back to School Night: This night is a must for parents and/or guardians.  Attending this function allows our parents to follow their students' schedule, meet their students' teachers and have an opportunity to meet other parents.

Athletics: There are on-going athletic competitions all year that provide opportunities for fun family participation -- the bands and cheerleaders and student body add to the spirit and excitement.  Win or lose, you can count on a competitive, entertaining effort.

Homecoming Dance: This dance, usually in October, is somewhat dressy.  We welcome back the "old grads" to FCHS.  During this time the alumni are honored are at an assembly.  The rest of the activities are planned by Student Council. We also have a homecoming royalty voted on by the students.

Plays: Both the fall and spring major plays will surprise and delight you.  FCHS always showcases exceptional talent and involves students in all aspects of the production.

Concerts: We encourage all FCHS students, parents, families and friends, to attend the many vocal and instrumental concerts.  They range from the classical to the contemporary.

Boosters Dance: This dance usually in February, is dressy and given by the Boosters Club.  The girls invite the boys.  Four boys and four girls from each class are nominated for royalty by the Boosters; however, only seniors may be crowned king or queen.

Junior-Senior Prom: This dance is formal to semiformal given in late spring by the junior class in honor of the senior class. Seniors nominate and vote for senior royalty.

After Prom Party: All FCHS juniors and seniors are welcome to attend this night long party sponsored and supervised by junior parents as an alcohol/drug free activity after the prom.  Parents are encouraged to get involved

Pops in the Park: The Musical performance happens the last week of school, after seniors have been dismissed but before they graduate.  Bring a blanket or rickety old lawn chair and some spare change.  Hang around 'til sunset reminiscing about the year.  Many recent grads home from school drop by.  This is fun for everyone whether you have kids performing or not.  All small vocal and instrumental musical groups perform at this special occasion and it's the best music our town has to offer.  Simply AWESOME!!!

Graduation: FCHS conducts a formal, traditional, spine-tingling ceremony.  Graduation is an occasion for some dignity, decorum and tradition.

Academic Excellence: Fort Collins High School has a long and honored tradition of achievement.  Whether entering a prestigious university, going to one of the many excellent state universities, entering a trade school, community college, joining the military or entering the work force, Fort Collins High School students will always share their sense of pride and achievement after having been a "Lambkin".

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"The Lambkin Way" a.k.a "Travel Fort Collins High School Alma Mater Fort Collins High School Fight Song a.k.a. Rise Up
Travel, Travel the Lambkin Way
Travel by night, travel by day!
Travel, Travel the Lambkin Way
Travel by night, travel by day!
Who goes there on the Lambkin Way?
A goodly company.
Virtue the carry in their hand,
To build a fairer, better land,
kindly people, fair of face,
With flow'rs of gentleness and grace.
Down the valley the Lambkins go
Up the hill where the fierce winds blow;
hope goes with them ever kind,
And patience with a quiet mind.
Eager, they look with long eyes,
Straight before them the city lies;
Over pathways rise and dip,
The City of sweet fellowship.
Travel, Travel the Lambkin Way
Travel by night, travel by day!
Who goes there on the Lambkin Way?
A goodly company, a goodly company.
-M. Rose & S. Young
Hail to thee, Fort Collins High School
We will ever faithful be.
Thou hast builded strong foundations,
Thou hast made the future free.
To the pillars firmly standing.
To the tower that guides our way.
Thou wilt lead our sons and daughter
To the light of eternal day.
-Roger Davidson 1954
Rise up at 'em Lambkins.
Win this game today.
Hit hard and travel onward
We'll help clear the way.
Rah! Rah! Rah!

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