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Supporting Coaches:
 Miriam Cromley ,Makala Gentry, Dillon Cromley

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Being an Athlete at Fort Collins High School (FCHS) is not a right; it is a privilege! Cheerleading at FCHS is both a job and an honor.  Individuals selected for the FCHS squad will be expected to keep a positive attitude and demonstrate qualities of leadership at school, as well as during any interactions with the outside community.  A full year commitment is required, including, but not limited to, cheering at scheduled athletic games and performing for additional organized events selected by the coaches.  Cheerleading is a team sport that requires every athlete to be physically fit, show a healthy attitude, and demonstrate a consistent awareness of the program expectations.  The spirit generated by the cheerleaders is a great service to FCHS; the individuals selected for this squad should demonstrate pride in their school and admiration for their fellow athletes.

Mission Statement

The FCHS Cheerleaders will uphold standards designated both for themselves and for the program they represent.  Spirit for the school will be demonstrated by attending athletic events, participating in spirit and school activities within FCHS and the Fort Collins community. Cheerleaders will support all athletic programs throughout the school year. Cheerleaders will demonstrate maturity and leadership qualities. Cheerleaders should understand that their actions are recognized by others in the school and community and are expected to uphold highly respectable behavior standards.

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It is the purpose of the FCHS Cheerleaders to:
A. Promote and uphold school spirit as well as Pride for Fort Collins High
B. Promote sportsmanship
C. Represent FCHS to the highest degree
D. Be available to an administrator or staff member for projects.
E. Set an example of good behavior at all times, whether in uniform or not in uniform in class, at  games and at all school functions whether performing or not.
F.  Be a Role model, be a Leader.
G. Promote friendship between all members of the squad, regardless of squad level or school grade.
H. Promote friendship with schools we compete against, perform with or attend other functions with.

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