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Girls Swimming

2018-19  FCHS Swimming & Diving Coaches

Betsy Rogers – Head Coach [970-980-9180] or 

Asst Coaches: Carrie Barnett and Kory Bright

About Ms. Rogers
Betsy was an age group swimmer in Denver. She graduated from college from the University of Denver with a BA in Elementary Education and Speech Pathology and Audiology. She has been a substitute teacher in Denver, Issaquah, WA, and the Poudre School District. She has been coaching age group teams as a group or head coach for over 20 years.


2018 - 2019 Swim Season

FCHS Athletics Mission Statement.pdf
2018-19 Swimming Schedule.pdf
2018-19 Girls Swimming Bus Transportation Schedule.pdf
Ladies Swimming & Diving Clothing Order Form.pdf
FCHS Girls Swimming and Diving Expectations.pdf


Pre-Season Weight Training:  Tues and Thurs Oct 23 – Nov 1 from 3:00-4:00 in FCHS weight room.
Swim Clinic: Nov 5-9  from 3:30-4:30 at EPIC.
First practice: Monday, Nov 12.



(unless you are swimming club practice at the same time)
If miss practice before meet—unable to swim meet.
You must have five (5) practices before you are able to compete in a meet.
Those in another winter sport must attend practices when not practicing with or competing with the other sport (ie am practices).


All athletes need a permit to practice card (Orange Card) from the Athletic Office prior to the first practice, not clinic

To receive a Orange Card you will need:

  1. A current Physical Form
  2. Participation Permission and Release Form
  3. Student Athlete Medical Information
  4. Double sided Athletic Information/CHSAA Form

All forms are available online or the FCHS Athletic Office

If you have participated in a fall sport, your physical is current: the only form required is the double sided athletic information/CHSAA form.

Please pay the bookkeeper first-bring the receipt with your paperwork.

Fee: $150.00 per sport

Charter/Home School/Out of District athletes $225.00 per sport-No family max.

Code of Ethics

  1. On time: I will be on time for all swimming related functions, including all practices, meets and meetings
  2. Academics: I understand my main obligation is my academic work. I will work to the best of my ability in all classes.
  3. Behavior: I understand that in or out of the pool my actions are a reflection on the team, student body, my family, and the community. Therefore, I will act appropriately. Any questions about Behavior I will ask one of my coaches.
  4. Honesty: I will be honest and loyal at all times to my coaches, my teammates, and school. I am part of a team and understand that other people are depending on me to do my part.
  5. Equipment: I will be responsible for all athletic equipment trusted to my use and return it in the best possible condition. If not I agree to pay the replacement cost for any lost or mistreated equipment.
  6. Practice: I will attend every practice that I scheduled. I understand that many people are depending on me to be there everyday. If I will be abscent I will call Betsy ASAP.


Good Attitude—
Keep up on Academics—Student Athlete

Be on time for practice
Take care of Equipment---bags and school sweats.  If lost each piece is $60.00.


If you have any swim equipment bring it everyday!  Be considerate in locker room! We have lanes closest to locker room

If you can’t drive, ask parents, Car pool, or ask one of the seniors or upper classmen~We’re all nice and want to make you new swimmers feel welcomed!

Transportation:  No buses to and from home meets or at EPIC (talk to upperclassman in need rides)

  • Bus meets at Athletic Hall and swimmers must ride to and there
  • Coming home from Northglenn  we stop at Longmont for dinner
  • Sing ALMA MATER when tower is in sight coming home

CHSSA Rules....
During meets NO JEWELRY OR HAIR TIES on wrists or anywhere!!!
Tattoos must be covered. Tape or band-aids.
Only one logo on your equipment (goggles, suits, caps).
DO NOT get back in Pool after finishing your race.. ..ever.
Back strokers... STEP into Pool... no jumps or dives.

BE CONSIDERATE. We share with other teams and the public.
Bring bags out on deck!!! DO NOT LEAVE IN LOCKER ROOM!

Be SUPPORTIVE of ALL TEAMMATES!!   CHEER ON DIVERS!! WE LOVE CHEERS and POSITIVE ATTITUDES!!! No cell phones, sit with team and not with friends or boyfriends.

There is no bus to and from home meets or any meet at EPIC. Make your own arrangements to EPIC. Busses take us to and from the athletic parking lot at FCHS for away meets. Respect the rules of the bus—usually no eating on bus. When Coming home from Northglenn we usually stop in Longmont.
TRADITION—We sing the ALMA MATER when FCHS tower is in sight.

Make sure to wear what is assigned for that day!

Go all out on big Rival  days and especially for Conference and State!

Tell friends and family to come watch and support!

Team Dinners are hosted once a week before meets. They are FUN!
They ARE a BIG pail of team bonding.
They are not mandatory, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
The meet line-up will be announced (posted) at these dinners.
Upperclassmen will usually help out with rides to dinners.
Please be considerate of the host family. Thank you is always appropriate!!

Everyone is given a SECRET SISTER unless requested not to participate.
Give your Secret Sister a gift of no more than $5.00 at each weekly meet.
Final Gift of no more than $10.00.
If you choose to participate you MUST give gifts!