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Main Office: (970) 488-8021 | Attendance (970) 488-8018 | FAX (970) 488-8008

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Staff Assignment Phone Email
Tam Smith

Principal, AVID Administrator, Community Groups, Faculty Meetings, Field Trips/Films,  Leadership Team, School Accountability Committee, School Improvement Plan, Staffing/Budget, Student Advisory Board, Superintendent Advisory Committee

Rob Larson Assistant Principal, Bridges Program, Building Safety, FC Coordinator, LTC Liaison, PLC & Mill Levy Funds Coordinator, Testing Coordinator 970-488-8007
Emily Dunn Assistant Principal, Activities & Fundraising Coordinator, Communication, Master Schedule 970-488-8004
Jennifer Roth Assistant Principal, Advanced Placement/Academic Director, Bridges Program, CAPP Coordinator, Mind Center Coordinator, New Teacher Coordinator, NMSQT Test Coordinator, PBIS, Professional Development, PBL Coordinator 970-488-8005

Brian Poynter

Assistant Principal /Athletic Director 970-488-8001

Justin Stephens Assistant Principal, 9th & 10th Grade Instruction, Advanced Placement Assistant, Testing Assistant, Mind Center Assistant, CAPP Assistant 970-488-8005
Kyle Stack Dean of Students, M-Z Discipline, Attendance M-Z, PBIS, MTSS Coordinator, Opportunities Unlimited, Student Safety Plan Coordinator, 504 Coordinator 970-488-8044
Monty Alcaraz Dean of Students, A-L Discipline, Attendance A-L, Laptops, PBIS, Student Safety Plan Coordinator, Summer School Coordinator 970-488-8037
Kathy Johnson Office Manager, ParentVUE 970-488-8006

Laura Weaver Registrar, Student Services (Counseling) Transcripts, Buses, ParentVUE 970-488-8107
Julie Stajduhar Secretary, Student Services (Counseling). ParentVUE 970-488-8100
Elizabeth Delap Bookkeeper 970-488-8019