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Bioscience Career Academy

What is the Bioscience Career Academy?

The Bioscience Career Academy is a school within a school which develops student academic and job skills to prepare for employment in the Biosciences. It is an academic program which leads to a BCA endorsement on the diploma. Career guidance, academic support, technical training, enrichment opportunities, community service and an internship are integral parts of the BCA experience.

Who should apply?

  • Student who has a passion for Biological science
  • Student who seeks a Biotechnology, Crime Scene Investigation and or Biomedical career

Bioscience in Colorado: Fast Facts 

  1. There are roughly 725 Bioscience companies located in Colorado
  2. In Colorado: 30,000 people directly employed in the Bioscience industry, creating over 159,000 direct and indirect jobs.
  3. Average annual wage is $90,530.
  4. Colorado’s Bioscience industry supports $2.8 billion in annual payroll.
  5. Total Bioscience industry direct employment increased 4.4% from 2012‐2014.
  6. Colorado’s medical device sector is ranked as the sixth largest in the nation.
  7. Bioscience products are Colorado’s leading export, accounting for 17% of all exports in 2013 totaling $2 billion.
                                                                                                                                                               Colorado Bioscience Association

Possible Bioscience Careers

Biotechnology Crime Scene Investigation Biomedical
Biomedical Engineer   Crime Scene Examiner    Medical Technician
Biotechnology Technician Forensic Anthropologist Veterinarian
Molecular Biologist Crime Lab Analyst Doctor/Dentist
Genetic Researcher Forensic Toxicologist  Nurse
Agricultural Engineer Medical Examiner Physician’s Assistant

Please access NAVIANCE through the Student Services link on the FCHS webpage for more information about Bioscience Careers and access information about application to the BCA via this link:

BCA Endorsed Diploma

Upon successful completion of the Bioscience Career Academy requirements, students will receive a BCA endorsed diploma. This endorsement is a testimonial to hard work and the successful completion of a rigorous course of study in the Biosciences as well as an internship in the student’s chosen field of study. BCA students graduate with 21st century academic and technical skills which prepare them to pursue post-secondary studies and enter the world of work.

Academic Pathways

  • BCA students must fulfill the PSD graduation requirements, including 45 or more credits of science and one AP science course.
  • BCA students must choose one of the pathways in the following chart.

BCA Required Coursework

45 or more credits of science

Biotechnology Pathway

Forensic Science Pathway

Biomedical Pathway

9th Grade
Biology or Pre-AP Biology
Students must earn full credit in the following course(s) to the right:
Forensic Science*/CSI*
Forensic Science*/CSI*
Students must earn a minimum of 10 credits from the following list to the right (total):
AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, AP Environmental Science,
Any course from FRCC High School Program
OR EMT Program from AIMS
Fort Collins High School
Science Course Options
*Designates a semester course
Forensic Science*/CSI*

BCA Internship

 BCA students must complete an internship during the summer of the junior year (120 hours minimum).  They will complete required PaCE training and receive PaCE credit for this internship. Students take an active role in finding and securing an internship tailored to their own specific interests. Internships help create a superior college application and may lead to future employment. 

Required activities:

Attendance to two meetings per month is required to remain a member in good standing (one BCA lunch meeting plus one Bioscience Café per month).  8 hours Community Service & 2 Activities/year are required. Field Trips and other learning opportunities are organized by the BCA for student participation.

Academic Guidance:

Students will meet with their counselor and the BCA Director to design a 4-year plan of study at FCHS which will earn a BCA Endorsed Diploma.