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Computer Expectations


1. No food, candy, gum or drink. Clear water bottles with tops are OK.
2. Problems with a computer must be reported immediately to the teacher. Students must NEVER try to fix any computer. No swapping of mice or keyboards. No movement of equipment.
3. Computer use is restricted to school related activities. No games.
4. Students are required to use district-provided email accounts at school. This email account is also accessible from home. Other Internet email (gmail, yahoo, etc.) may be available, but is not supported on school computers.
5.Your login information is confidential. Never share your login with anyone. Doing so is a violation of district security policies and results in loss of your computer privileges.
6. Students are only allowed to install applications from the PSD Software Center!
7. No downloading of program files to the computer or server.
8. No storing of personal files including music or pictures in your school server folder.
9. Do not alter desktop applications.
10. Spell check, proof read and preview documents BEFORE printing.
11. Quit and close all applications and log off before you leave. Failure to do this may result in you losing all of your files, your account being compromised and\or your computer account being disabled.
12. Computer areas should be clean and your chair pushed into position before leaving.
13. The LTC computer lab is available for drop-in student use. All other labs are closed for student drop-in use.

Computer use for inappropriate purposes (pornographic materials, lewd and sexually suggestive materials, dangerous or subversive materials, drug(s) related materials, games, etc.) Intentional sabotage of any machine. Sharing your login information or using someone else’s login to access a computer. Illegal
copying of any software, music or copyright-protected materials. Intentionally trying to by-pass computer/network security.