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To request approval to host a fundraiser please contact Emily Dunn,

​FCHS Music Department

The Music department is in the midst of our big fundraising season. We like to provide things that people will actually use so please take a look at the following brief list and if you are interested then please read further! These fundraisers are helping us with purchasing additional instruments and equipment for our nearly 450 music department students.


We sell King Soopers and Safeway Gift Cards that come preloaded with $10. (The Safeway cards are also good at Albertson’s/Safeway) They each cost $10 and you can continually reload them at the grocery store with whatever amount you wish. The music department earns 5% of whatever amount you reload onto them and you get to use them for the full value that you purchased them for and reloaded onto them. During the school year you pick them up in the music office. If you need more during the summer, please contact Mrs. Silar, her phone number is 222-4930 and her email is

The Great Lakes Scrip Center offers a service to our families to place their own orders on their website.  It is called Shop With Scrip.  To sign up for it, you log onto  Once there, click on the blue box with 3 bars in the upper right hand corner, then click Get Started.  Click on the blue bar that says “Join Your Existing Program.” It will ask you to link your account to an organization via a number.  Our number is:  36AB229L7188.  It will then take you to a registration page that you enter your info into.

Once you’ve signed up you are ready to order!  Browse through all the options, keep in mind that different cards offer different rebate percentages.  Once you have placed your order, it will tell you how much you owe.  That is the amount you need to get to us and you have a couple options on paying.  Go into the Bookkeeper in the FCHS office and pay that amount with your credit card or with a check (payable to FCHS Music Dept.) This option will not be available during June or July but will start back up in August when the bookkeeper is back at school. Please give the copy of your payment receipt to Ms. Kaitlin Miles or ask the bookkeeper to put it in Ms. Miles mailbox.

Once we have all the check or charge payments, we will deposit them and request a check from PSD payable to Great Lakes.  Once they receive that check they will release our order and mail the cards back to us and we will distribute them to your student.  (This process usually takes about 2 weeks.)  If we have not received your charge or check by the first Friday of each month at 3:00 PM, your order will be processed the following month.

Questions? Contact Debbie Silar at (970) 222-4930 or

FBLA & DECA Fundraisers

King Soopers Gift Cards

$10 reloadable gift cards - 5% of all reloaded funds goes back into student FBLA / DECA fundraising account

Old Chicago Pizza Palz

Purchase Pizza Palz for $11 and redeem at any Old Chicago for a large pizza up to $25 in value

Contact Pam Davidson (