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Where Excellence is Expected

Opportunities Unlimited

Opportunities Unlimited South is a PSD alternative program where students ages 17-20 have the option to complete high school by earning their high school equivalency certificate (HiSET) or by completing credits needed to earn their PSD Diploma (*students must have 45 or fewer credits left in order to be on the diploma track).  

OU South has between 15 – 30 students in the program at one time, across multiple cohorts. Our emphasis is on building a positive learning community through a unified mission to graduate from high school, an engaging curriculum, the ability for students to move at their own pace, high accountability with attendance and behaviors, supporting each others’ successes, and mutual respect between students and staff.  

A student’s timeline in the program is entirely dependent on their goals and comfort with content. Some students finish within the first semester, and others may need more than one semester to complete all 5 tests in the HiSET or all classes needed for diploma completion. We support students’ goals and provide academic instruction to students of all ability levels.  

A student’s first semester in the program is their only full-time class schedule. If students continue in the program for a 2nd or 3rd semester, they are eligible to take concurrent enrollment classes at Front Range Community College free of tuition (as long as they pass with a C or higher). In an OU student’s 2nd or 3rd semester, they become part-time OU students to create more time for them to take college classes, work, and/or participate in internships.  

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Alyssa Statz, OU South Coordinator & Counselor, if you would like to learn more about the program.  

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