Where Excellence is Expected

Fort Collins

High School

Where Excellence is Expected

Where Excellence is Expected

Library & Technology Center (LTC)

The Library & Technology Center (LTC) is the school’s hub for a wide variety of educational media and technology.  The staff helps teachers and students effectively use its wide range of resources.  It is open for getting help, collaboration, reading and independent study. 

Monday - Friday 8:30-12:08, 12:38-4:20 
Closed for Lunch (12:08-12:38)


  • Covered beverages allowed, no food
  • No fees for items returned late
  • Items overdue by more than 30 days are automatically declared lost.  A replacement fee will be posted to your Insignia record. The next day it will be available for payment in SchoolPay. You can return the lost item to FCH or pay for the lost item through SchoolPay to have the replacement fee removed. 

Academic Support Services include, but not limited to, getting help with:

  • finding a book
  • doing research
    • finding and evaluating print resources
    • finding and evaluating online resources
    • citing your print and online resources

Technology Support Services include, but not limited to, getting help with:

  • troubleshooting your laptop
  • resetting your password
  • installing PSD approved software

Staff Services include:

  • lamination
  • teacher monitored table reservation area
  • textbook/novel requests