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Integrated Services

Fort Collins High School Integrated Services Department is dedicated to the success of all students.  We have developed four key goal areas (defined below), in concert with our philosophical beliefs, to promote greater educational achievement and post-secondary success amongst this group.

Department Key Goals:

  1. Meet AYP in the area of literacy
  2. Meet AYP in the area of mathematics
  3. Development of Social Skills ensuring productive citizens
  4. Post-Secondary education following completion of high school

In order to best reach these goals, the Fort Collins High School Integrated Services Department, in accordance with current federal and state law, is committed to providing services for students in their least restrictive environment utilizing an inclusion based education model.  Therefore, the department will teach classes within the department only in areas that are specific for service provision, including literacy, mathematics, social skills, and transition based instruction and programming.  
Students will be included in general education classes to the fullest extent possible with the use of accommodations and modifications in the classroom, as needed.  This may include collaboration between the general education teachers and special education professionals both inside and outside of class. This collaboration may be as limited as periodic consultation or may be as engaged as partnering to team teach classes.


The School to Work Alliance Program (SWAP) is a Poudre School District transition program.  It is in place to help youth with mild to moderate special needs find and keep a job.  Poudre School District partners with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation to offer this free program. Go to the PSD SWAP website.