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Library & Tech Center


Monday – Thursday 8:45am – 4:15pm
Friday 8:45am – 12pm

  • Sign in and out at the kiosks for contact tracing (policy due to Covid19)
  • No printing (policy due to Covid19)
  • No roaming (policy due to Covid19)
  • No socializing (policy due to Covid19)
  • No Interlibrary loans (policy due to Covid19)
  • Covered beverages allowed, no food
  • No fees for items returned late
  • Items not returned are declared lost. A replacement fine will be posted to your school record and will be available for payment in SchoolPay.
Brenda Isherwood Technology Systems Site Manager 970-488-8200
Susan Webering Site IT Support 970-488-8212
Mary Shull-Sarti Site IT Support 970-488-8027
Ellen Danforth Media Technician 970-488-8081
Rhonda Uhrich Secretary 970-488-8009
Tech Helpline Tech Help Issues 970-488-8259


(Library books, textbooks, novels)


(Online databases, bibliography tools)


(laptops, chargers, Mifis )


(Academic and Tech support)


(Questions. How to find help)