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Frequently Asked Questions:

Tech Help from FCH:
  • Email your teacher or counselor. · Email: (Only accepts emails from your email)
  • Call the FCH Tech Help Issues line at 970-488-8259. Leave a message with your name, ID#, the tech issue and a phone# to reach you. Someone will call you back within 24 hours during school days/hours.
  • Go to FCH during open building hours. Please wear a mask. Someone in the LTC will assist you.
Tech Help from PSD:
How do I swap my laptop or charger? Go to FCH during open building hours. Please wear a mask. Someone in the LTC will assist you.
What do I have checked out from the LTC? Library Search & what you have checked out from the LTC!
I have sound problems Sound Problems.pdf
I am having issues with Microsoft Teams not connecting or opening Issues with MS Teams.pdf
The PoudreVPN isn't connected How to connect to the PoudreVPN.pdf
I don't have home internet, what can I do? Reach out to your counselor. 
What if my home internet is slow? Report the issue to your home internet service provider for assistance.
If the issue can't be resolved then run an internet speed test.
How do I reset my password? Password Reset.pdf
How do I check for Windows Updates? Check ing for and Installing Windows Updates.pdf

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