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Happy Mid-April: Each year Ft. Collins High has been able to provide a lovely After Prom experience because of the volunteers who, like you, understand that this doesn’t happen without our community coming together and volunteering to make it happen. Whether you are available . . . Friday evening April 20th, before prom to help set up (5 – 10 pm) Saturday morning to finish setting up, 9 – 11 a.m. The night of Prom April 21st–MANY spots where help is needed (and Dutch Bros Caffeinated drinks available!)

Sunday Morning after to help disassemble/store FCHS After Prom supplies . . . . . . you are needed!!! We can’t do this without more volunteers; please don’t let your student talk you out of coming to volunteer. Click on the link below, and pick an area to help make this After Prom a safe and fun event for so many! You are needed! Volunteers Needed If you haven’t had a chance to donate and would still like to, the following links will take you to places which describe how to do that.

Donations Needed   AfterPromGoFundMe

Thank you! Emily Dunn Activities Director