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Procedure for the pick-up and drop off of FCH items during the week of May 18th!

During the week of May 18th – 22nd FCHS staff will be onsite to help you pick up and drop off FCHS items.

The following items need to picked up:
1. Locker Contents from regular lockers in the hallways
2. Sports clothing and equipment from the PE locker rooms and Varsity Sports Locker rooms
3. Band Locker items
4. Graduation Cap and Gowns for Seniors (Email Emily Dunn if you have questions or need to rent or order a gown)
5. Graduation awards, medals, etc. for Seniors
6. Yearbooks already pre-purchased
7. Academic and Honor Athlete Awards (Qualifying Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen)

The following items need to be dropped off:
1. Any text books
2. Laptop (unless you are keeping it for the AP exams)
3. Laptop Charger
4. Calculator (if borrowed)
5. Guitars and Pianos assigned from the Media Center/LTC
6. Orchestra students that need to turn in their instrument (returning orchestra students can keep their instrument through the summer)
7. Sports/Athletic Uniforms and Equipment
8. Art Supplies checked out during the school year
9. Pay outstanding debts to the book keeper

Here are the designated dates and times for pick up and drop off:
Dates in May
18th – Seniors
19th – Juniors
20th – Sophomores
21st – Freshman
22nd – Make Up day

Every day: Last name Schedule
9am: A-D
10am: E-H
11am: I-M
1pm: N-R
2pm: S-V
3pm: W-Z

Please purchase your 2019-2020 yearbook online by May 15th through
Students will pick up their pre-ordered yearbook on their designated student check-in date. We will not be taking in-person payments for yearbooks and only distributing to students who pre-ordered by May 15th. We have fewer than 100 copies left, so order before they sell out!

We will have each student or family drive up to the Main School Entrance and remain in their cars. A staff member will approach your car and collect your returned item(s) and will ask you for your locker number if you have stuff to collect. Once the transfer of items is complete, you will then drive to the next station which will be payment of fee’s with the book keeper for any outstanding payments. Then, after seeing the book keeper, if you are a senior you will collect your cap and gown, and any other assigned graduation items. Lastly you will collect a yearbook if you have pre-purchased one. We will not be accepting payment for yearbooks at this time. If you have no outstanding debts, are not a senior, nor collecting a yearbook, then after pick up and drop off you are free to drive away. If the weather is bad, you will drive up and drop off /pick up items at the main entrance to the school. You will need to park in the drive through area, then walk up to the building entrance with your items, and drop off and collect your items there. Due to public distancing restrictions you cannot enter the building.