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What do I have checked out from the FCH LTC!

What can I do now to prepare for returning LTC items to FCH?

1. Look to see what items you have on Loan. Here is how.
a. Go to the FCHS website
b. Under Quick Links select “PSD Card Catalog”
c. Select Login and enter your PSD Username and PSD password (same as logging in to your laptop), select Login (You will see you name where Login was)
d. Select My Account>My Borrowing>Loan (you will see a list of items that are on Loan to you and current Fines for Lost items, click on Fines to see the details – NOTE: there is NOT a charge for late fees only a replacement cost if items are not returned)

2. Look for all the items on Loan and gather everything in 1 spot! Don’t forget the charger cord needs to be turned in with your laptop!

3. Please wrap the charger cord!

4. Return all items on Loan during your scheduled day and time.

Information was sent to families on the procedure to follow for picking-up and dropping off items the week of May 18th. It is also posted on our website.