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S.E.A.T. App

We are excited to see students back in the building this week! We have been working hard on safety protocols/procedures and social distancing protocols/procedures to be able to welcome you back. We would like to share with you the process for students to use to sign up for a S.E.A.T. for breakfast, lunch and/or off periods. We have partnered with PSD’s IT Department for a new online system called S.E.A.T. (Safe Environments All Together). We are asking students this week to use the following steps to sign up for the S.E.A.T. they are using this week. The example below is used for lunch. To use the system for breakfast and off periods, change Step 3 to reflect the specific off period or breakfast.

Reserve your seat ahead of time, or wait until you find a seat in the building and use the label on the table to safe your spot!

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Log in with your PSD username and password

Step 3: Select “Lunch” from the drop-down menu

Step 4: Select the “Room” (Commons, Large Gym, Commons Classroom)

Step 5: Select the “Table”

Step 6: Select the “Seat” you are sitting in

Students can also “Release” a seat if they choose to move to a different seat in the future. We would ask that all students stay in the seat they have reserved for the entire lunch period. It is important to remember that students do NOT need to reserve a seat if they are going off campus for lunch. Students can reserve seats before they arrive OR they can reserve a seat in the moment. In that situation, students just need to search for a seat that is already not reserved.