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In addition to high quality academics, Fort Collins High School offers a variety of other programs to meet the needs of all students. Following is a listing of the current programs with a brief description of each that are available to students. If the program has its own webpage, a link is provided. Please contact the program chair if you need additional information.

Alternative Cooperative Education (ACE)

Program Chair: Greg Brigham

The Alternative Cooperative Education program (ACE), a vocational program in Poudre School District, provides work experience, related classroom instruction and vocational transition planning for high school students in non-traditional classes.  AT FCHS, these classes include Clyd Shops, the cafeteria, and individualized work experience.  ACE Internships are available for students with special needs within the Fort Collins business community.

Advanced Placement (AP)

Program Director: Jennifer Roth

The Advanced Placement program is Fort Collins High School’s most academically challenging and rigorous program.  Over one quarter of our student body is engaged in twenty-one college courses ranging from AP Biology to AP United States History.

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Site Team Coordinator: Zana Kamberi

A.V.I.D. is an approved elective course in which students learn organizational and study skills, work on critical thinking, get academic help from peers and college tutors, and participate in enrichment and motivational activities that make the college dream accessible for all students. Students are selected to enroll in an A.V.I.D. class after an application process.

Bioscience Career Academy (BCA)

Program Director: Susan Hunter

The Bioscience Academy is a school within a school which will develop student academic and job skills to prepare for employment in the Biosciences. It is an academic program which leads to a BCA endorsement on the diploma. Career guidance, academic support, technical training and an internship are integral parts of the BCA experience.

Concurrent Enrollment

Program Coordinator: Emily Dunn
Counselor: Kristin Flanagan

Concurrent Enrollment is a type of dual enrollment program that is explicitly defined in statute and provides the opportunity for students to earn high school and college credit at the same time. Open to students in 9th through 12th grade, tuition for approved courses is paid by the district. Credits earned are deducted from the student’s life time College Opportunity Fund account.

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English Language Acquisition (ELA)

ELA is an educational approach in which students are instructed in the use of the English language. Instruction is based on special curricula  that typically involves little to no use of the native language and is usually taught during specific periods. For the rest of the school day students are placed in mainstream classes, an immersion program. A student may be eligible for ELA services if English is not the native language spoken at home. The student may also be eligible or required to be ELA tested if a relative who speaks another language lives with the student.

Front Range Community College (FRCC)

Program Chair: Beth Shefcyk

Front Range Community College (FRCC) offers a variety of programs for high school juniors and seniors to earn credit toward their high school diploma and college degree simultaneously! FRCC programs prepare students to enter the workforce, while also giving them the opportunity to gain advanced career/ technical training. The classes are paid for by the school district.

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Gifted and Talented

Program Chair: Beth Shefcyk

FCHS strives to meet the needs of all learners including our Gifted and Talented students. Gifted and Talented webpage

Opportunities Unlimited

Program Chair: Alyssa Statz

OU is a 3 semester program housed within Fort Collins High school that focuses on giving students ages 17-21 the skills and environment they need to earn a PSD High School Diploma or prepare for the HiSET (a high school equivalency exam). OU cohorts consist of 10 - 15 students who are off track to graduate or are at risk of dropping out of high school, a full-time school coordinator, an English teacher, Math teacher, Science teacher, and Career Skills teacher. Its small size creates an encouraging learning environment and individualized instruction and support. Along with intensive academic support, OU provides students with opportunities for social/emotional skill building, career exploration and preparation, service learning, and community engagement. During the 2nd and 3rd semesters, students will have the opportunity to take classes at Front Range Community College free of tuition to help them move forward in reaching their academic and career goals. 


Program Chair: Pam Davidson

PaCE is a program where students can receive elective credit for spending time in the community on shadows, volunteering, internships, apprenticeships, and work experiences.

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Transition Academy

Program Chair: Emily Dunn

The Fort Collins High School Transition Academy is a credit recovery program that provides all students a means to fulfill graduation requirements through individualized instruction.

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