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PSD Local Scholarship Packet 

Attention Seniors: The local scholarship packet for 2016/2017 will be available on December 21, 2016

FCH Local Scholarship Packet 2015/16.pdf  (follow the instructions below before starting this packet)

  • Instructions:
    • open the file
    • save it (download it) to your computer before you start working on it
    • once saved, open the file in Adobe Reader
    • type directly on the form - you can save your work and come back to it at anytime
    • print the entire packet when complete
    • complete the survey (see link on the bottom of page 4)
  • Please contact Michele Lae, in Student Services, if you have questions, 970-488-8100

Colorado Colleges *

  • This website lists contact information for virtually all post-secondary schools, colleges, trade schools, and universities in Colorado

Scholarship Search Tools:

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College Opportunity Fund*

  • The State of Colorado is "Investing in Your Education"
  • Are you planning on attending a private or public college in the state of Colorado? Here is your opportunity to receive this state benefit if you attend a participating college and meet the eligibility requirements.
  • Public college $75 per credit hour
  • Private college $38 per credit hour

Career One Stop*


  • Get matched to scholarships based on your strengths, interests and skills

College in Colorado*


  • The QuestBridge National College Match is designed for high school seniors who have shown outstanding academic ability despite facing economic challenges.

Varsity Tutors' Scholarship Contest *

  • Varsity Tutors' holds a monthly $1,000 college scholarship contest where students write an essay in response to a monthly prompt.

College Scholarships*


Please visit individual sites for the most updated information and deadline dates.

Colorado/Local Scholarships

Alert Magazine*

  • Awarded on best essay about drug and alcohol abuse prevention
  • No application, follow all instructions
  • 2.5 GPA or higher
  • $500 scholarship
  • Deadline:  none

BBB/Rotary Ethics Scholarship*

  • Intended for college-bound high school students in his/her junior or senior year
  • The goal of the $5,000 scholarship is to reward a student who applies Rotary's guiding principles of The Four-Way Test to his or her life and illustrates this effectively through a written essay
  • To be used for higher education
  • See website for more details
  • Deadline: February 2016

BBB Student of Integrity Scholarship *

  • Must be a Colorado resident and must meet Pell Grant income requirements
  • 2.5 GPA minimum
  • Must attend an accredited higher education institution in Colorado
  • $10,000 scholarship over four years ($2,500 per year)
  • Deadline:  TBD

Boltz Effort and Attitude Scholarship (will be available in January)

  • For students that attended Boltz Middle School
  • Scholarship: $10,000/4 year or $5,000/2 year program.
  • Must maintain a 2.75 GPA, requires good citizenship, and school activities
  • Essay required

Burg Simpson Scholarship (W/CHSAA)*

  • One first prize winner will be awarded $2,500 and nine $1,000 scholarships will be awarded
  • There is $11,500 in scholarship funds available for graduating seniors through the program this year
  • Essay on:
    • How the civil jury system in the United States is being threatened
    • How the civil jury system protects your rights as a citizen
    • The importance of preserving the civil jury system for future generations
  • CHSAA will recognize the winning recipients at the state high school basketball tournaments
  • Deadline:  February 2016

CannonLaw, LLC Legal Warrior Scholarship *

  • Will be awarded to a student that would like to pursue a career in a law related field who has overcome hardship in his or her life
  • Offered to incoming freshman attending a University/College in Colorado, Wyoming, or Montana
  • $500 scholarship
  • Deadline:  July 2016

Colorado Association of Legal Support Staff

  • Established in 1999 to support students in need of pursuing a higher education degree
  • Must declare a major in the legal field; secretary, court reporter, legal assistant, paralegal, or pre-law
  • Must demonstrate financial need
  • $1,000 scholarship
  • Deadline:  April 2016

Colorado Council on High School & College Relations*

  • The purpose of the 2014 CCHS/CR Scholarship is to assist Colorado high school seniors, who will attend a college/university within the State of Colorado
  • CCHS/CR is a voluntary organization and therefore the primary selection criterion for this scholarship will be Volunteerism/Community Service
  • Fourteen, $1,500 scholarships will be awarded for the purpose of defraying tuition costs
  • Please see Michele Lae in Student Services for an application
  • Deadline:  January 2016

Colorado County Clerks Association*

  • $1,000 scholarship
  • Community involvement with an interest in government, business or political science
  • Financial need/hardship
  • 3.25 GPA minimum
  • See Student Services for application
  • Deadline:  March 2016

Colorado Education Association-Scholarship for Ethnic Minorities*

  • Scholarship open to students whose parents are CEA-NEA members
  • Four $1,000 scholarships to be awarded
  • See website for eligibility requirements
  • Deadline:  March 2016

Colorado Educational Services & Development Association*

  • Multiple $1,000 awards
  • Must be a first generation student, or member of an underrepresented ethnic or racial minority
  • Must show financial need
  • Must be a resident of Colorado, and must enroll in 2 or 4 year Colorado college or university
  • 2.8 GPA minimum
  • Deadline:  February 2016

Colorado Federal Employee Scholarship*

  • Available to a legal dependent of a federal employee living in Northern Colorado
  • Two $1,000 scholarships
  • Nomination period:  January - March 2016

Colorado Garden Foundation*

  • Four year full ride scholarship to an incoming freshman attending a publicly Colorado college or university in the School of Agriculture
  • Based on need
  • 2.50 GPA
  • Deadline:  March 2016

Colorado Masons' Fund*

  • Each year the Grand Lodge of Masons in Colorado Awards Twelve or more scholarships
  • Make sure entire application is completed
  • $7,000/year renewable for 4 years for a total of $28,000
  •  In-state colleges only
  • Deadline:  December 2015

Colorado Society of Mayflower Descendants*

  • Two $1,000 scholarships
  • Having a Mayflower ancestor is not a requirement
  • Essay required
  • Must be a resident of Colorado
  • Deadline:  March 2016

Colorado State Chapter Scholarship Fund - P.E.O. Foundation*

  • Must be a female Colorado resident and US citizen
  • Must be within two year of high school graduation or GED equivalent
  • no less than $1,000 award given
  • Description of school and community activities and involvement
  • Must have two letters of reference from non-family members
  • Deadline:  January 2016

Colorado Young Farmers Education Association*

  • To recognize outstanding students who will be a freshman and sophomore majoring in agriculture, and a junior and senior majoring in Agricultural Education
  • Must be enrolled as a full time student at a Colorado college or university
  • Five one year scholarships awarded - see website
  • Deadline:  March 2016

Community Foundation of Northern Colorado*

  • Multiple scholarship funds established at the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado will award significant financial support to students pursuing additional education.  The scholarship opportunities are varied, with some awards based on financial need and others focused on academic achievement.  Awards may also be available only to students who attend a specific school or live within a specific geographic location.
  • Includes FCHS 50 Alumni award
  • The next scholarship cycle will open on November 16, 2015
  • Deadline:  April 1, 2016

County Sheriffs of Colorado *

  • Scholarships are available to half of the counties at a time
    • Larimer County is on the "even-numbeded school years"
    • check website for more details
  • Must be attending an in-state vocational school, college or university
  • Must be legal residents of the United States
  • Deadline:  February 2017

Daniels Fund*

  • Daniels Fund offers 250 4- year scholarships to a US Citizen,Colorado resident that are attending a U.S. college or university, (expenses included)
  • ACT score of 17 or higher
  • Must demonstrate financial need and community involvement
  • Deadline:  November 2016

Fort Collins Kiwanis Club - Stars of Tomorrow*

  • Talent show - see website for details
  • Grand prize: $1,000
  • Must be in Poudre School District
  • Deadline:  January 2016

Fort Collins Utilities', Rocky Mountain Lineman Scholarship

  • For tuition costs at Rocky Mountain Lineman School in Colorado Springs, CO
  • Must me a Larimer County resident for one year prior to application date
  • High school senior or graduate with a 2.5 GPA or higher
  • GED recipient with a test average of 50 or higher
  • Acceptance to Rocky Mountain Lineman School Program
  • Successful completion of assessment regarding applicant's ability to complete all duties of lineworker with or without reasonable accommodation and background check
  • Interest in an electric utility career
  • If interested, contact Gordon Cromwell at or 970-221-6700
  • Deadline:  October 15, 2015

Hispanic Annual Salute*

  • Recognizes high school seniors who have strong community service in the Hispanic community
  • $2,000 scholarship and Hispanic Annual Salute Gala
  • Must reside in Colorado
  • 2.5 GPA
  • Deadline: December 2015

Junior Achievement Rocky Mountain Chapter*

  • For students who embody the Junior Achievement (JA) spirit and show great promise for their futures
  • $1,000 to $8,000 scholarships awarded

Kiwanis Club of Fort Collins, Stars of Tomorrow*

  • If you sing, dance, play an instrument or have a fun or unusual talent you should audition for this scholarship opportunity
  • Auditions start January 24th and 25th
  • K - 12th grade may sign-up
  • Cash prizes:  Grand prize: $1,000, 1st Place (each age group) $200, The People's Choice: $100
  • Deadline to sign-up:  January 2016

Kit Faragher Foundation*

  • Students who demonstrate a positive attitude, strong commitment and drive toward accomplishment are encouraged to apply for the scholarship
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Must demonstrate financial need
  • Must be a Colorado resident
  • Three $5,000 scholarships will be awarded this year
  • Deadline:  May 2016

Kohls Cares Scholarship Program*

  • For students between the ages of 6 and 18 and not yet a high school graduate
  • Recognized volunteers in the community
  • Must be nominated by someone over the age of 21
  • Deadline: March 2016

Kristi Visocky Memorial *

  • Available to young women who are working hard to pull their life together and better themselves
  • Can be applied to community college, trade school, or vocational program
  • $2,000 Scholarship
  • Deadline:  April 2016

Learning and Education About Disabilities (LEAD) *

  • Student must have an identified learning disability or ADHD, who is pursuing a post-secondary degree
  • $1000 scholarship
  • 2.8 minimum GPA, Colorado resident
  • Please see website for additional scholarship opportunities for students with disabilities
  • Deadline:  March 2016

National Council of Jewish Women*

  • Must be a Jewish woman and Colorado resident
  • Must demonstrate financial need and have community involvement
  • $2000 scholarship
  • Deadline:  March 2016

Poudre Valley REA*

  • Students must be dependents of parents (or consumers themselves) who currently receive electric service from Poudre Valley REA
  • Twenty-three scholarships available from $500 to $2,000
  • Based on academic excellence, community involvement and financial need
  • Deadline:  On or before January 21st every year

Poudre Valley REA Tour *

  • Poudre Valley REA Electric Cooperative Youth Tour (open to juniors and seniors)
  • This leadership opportunity looks great on college applications and resumes
  • Spend a week in Washington, D.C., all expenses paid, in June
  • Students must be dependents of parents/guardians (or consumers themselves) who currently receive electric service from Poudre Valley REA
  • If you love history and would like to shake the hand of a congressman, then this tour is for you.
  • Deadline:  December 2016

Poudre Valley REA Camp *

  • This all expenses paid camp that takes place just north of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, at Glen Eden Resort
  • This is a great way to learn new leadership skills
  • See website for more details
  • Deadline:  December 2016

RBC Wealth Management Colorado Scholarship Fund*

  • Intended to reward students for exceptional achievement, above and beyond their peers.
  • Five $3,000 scholarships for student who are planning to pursue a career in science, mathematics or engineering
  • Application for 2015 will be available in January
  • Deadline:  March 2016

Special District Association of Colorado (SDA)*

  • Open to Colorado students that live in Colorado and that show an interest in local government
  • Five $1,000 scholarships will be awarded
  • Applications will be available in February
  • Student must attend an institution of higher learning in the fall of 2015
  • Deadline:  April 2016

Thomas B. Snover Memorial*

  • This merit based scholarship is given to a college bound student who exhibits academic, exceptional character, and a zest for life
  • $5,000 scholarship to a PSD student
  • Photo essay or other representation required
  • Applications available in mid January
    • applications are to be turned into Mrs. Lae in Student Services
  • Deadline:  March 2016

Wendy's High School Heisman Scholarship

  • Must participate in school sports, activities and your community
  • Awards range from$10 - $50 Wendy's gift cards and monetary donations to your school in your name
  • 3.0 GPA minimum
  • Deadline: October 2016

White Rose Foundation*

  • Must demonstrate financial need and display evidence of community service
  • 3.0 GPA minimum
  • Scholarship awards vary from $500 to $2,500
  • Deadline:  January 2016

Veterans of Foreign Wars - Voice of Democracy *

  • Open to students in 9th - 12th grade
  • Record a 3 to 5 minute video essay on an audio CD or a flash drive
  • See website for details
  • Grand Prize:  $30,000 Scholarship
  • Deadline: November 1, 2015

Zonta Club*, Zonta International, and Zonta Club of Fort Collins* Young Women in Public Affairs Award

  • Who is Eligible:  Female students from the age of 16 to 19 on April 1, 2015
  • Number of Awardees:  One (1) young woman who is involved in public and school service and leadership and who domonstrates a belief in the advancement in the status of women.
  • Amount: $250 award from the local Zonta Club.  The completed application will then be forwarded to the District Zonta organization where it will be considered for an additional award of $1,000.  The District will then forward the winner to the International organization where she will be considered for one of ten $4,000 awards.
  • This award encourages young women of today to be leaders of tomorrow by learning to participate in public and political life through school and community involvement.  Application asks them to address the problems limiting the advancement of the status of women in their own country and worldwide
  • Deadline:  March 2016

National Scholarship Opportunities:

American Legion Scholarships*

  • Multiple scholarships available
  • See website for details

Abbott & Fenner Scholarship

  • Essay required:  Every generation faces new challenges and new problems.  What do you think is the biggest difference between your generation and older generations?  How do you think these differences will affect the future of our country and/or your career choice?
  • $1,000 scholarship
  • Deadline:  June 2016

AES Scholarship*

  • Submit an essay between 500 to 1,000 words on a specific topic (see website)
  • No minimum GPA requirement
  • You are not required to be taking engineering courses to be eligible
  • $500 scholarship
  • Deadline: October 2015

Al's Formal Wear*

  • Essay required
  • Two $1,000 scholarships awarded
  • Deadline:  May 2016

Animation Career*

  • For students that intend to pursue an animation related field at an accredited post-secondary school/college
  • Essay required
  • $1,000 scholarship
  • Deadline:  June 2016

Athnet Sports Recruiting Scholarship*

  • Must be a current or former athlete at athe high school or college level
  • Must be a current college student or high school senior entering college
  • Essay required
  • $1,000 scholarship
  • Deadline:  June 2016

B. Davis

  • This is not an academic based scholarship, but a written essay is required
  • $1,000 scholarship
  • Deadline:  May 2016

Big Sun Athletics*

  • All student athletes are eligible regardless of the sport they are engaged in
  • Essay required
  • $500 scholarship
  • Deadline:  June 2016

Buick Achievers*

  • Up to $25,000 per year for 100 first time freshman or existing college students, renewable for up to four years and one additional year for those entering a qualified five-year engineering degree
  • $2,000 one-time awards for an additional 1,000 students
  • Specified course of study - see website for eligible majors
  • Deadline:  February 2016

Burger King Scholars Program*

  • Up to $50,000 in scholarships
  • 2.5 minimum GPA
  • Deadline:  December 2015

Comcast Leaders and Achievers*

  • Only one nomination per high school
  • 1,900 scholars from across the country will receive a $1,000 scholarship
  • 2.8 GPA minimum
  • Leadership and community/school involvement
  • Please bring your resume to Mrs. Lae in Student Services for nomination consideration by November 2016

Davidson - Bryan Scholarship*

  • One female and male scholar athlete from an eligible sport (see website for eligible sport list)
  • $30,000 scholarship awarded annually and is renewable, totaling $120,000
  • Please bring your resume to Mrs. Lae in Student Services for nomination consideration

Elks Most Valuable Student*

  • 500 4-year scholarships awarded, ranging from $1,000 to $12,500 per year
  • Judged on leadership and financial need
  • Deadline:  December 2015

Futuro con leche*

  • Must be of Hispanic heritage and a U.S. Citizen
  • 3.0 GPA minimum
  • 10 $4,000 scholarships awarded
  • Essay required (see website for details)
  • Deadline:  October 2015

Gates Millennium Scholars*

  • 1,000 students will receive a good-through-graduation scholarship to use at any college or university of their choice
  • Deadline:  varies per scholarship

GE- Reagan Foundation* 

  • Exceptional student leaders who demonstrate drive, integrity and citizenship may apply
  • $10,000 scholarships renewable for 4 years (up to $40,000 per recipient)
  • Deadline:  October 2015

Honors Graduation - The Multi-Media Scholarship *

  • A multi-media scholarship where students can submit projects in art, photography, videography, music, and creative writing
  • Five $1,000.00 scholarships will be awarded
  • Deadline:  March 2016

Horatio Alger*

  • Must demonstrate financial need
  • Must be involved in co-curricular and community service activities
  • 2.0 GPA minimum
  • Up to $20,000 scholarships awarded
  • Deadline:  October 2015

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation*

  • U.S. high school student
  • Intend to enroll full-time in an accredited 4-year college after graduation
  • Earn a cumulative unweighted GPA of 3.5 or above in high school
  • Receive standardized test scores in the top 15%
  • Demonstrate financial need

John F. Kennedy, Profile in Courage Essay Contest*

  • Cash rewards range from $500 to $5,000
  • Write an original and creative essay of 1,000 words or less that demonstrates an understanding of political courage as described by John F. Kennedy in Profiles in Courage
  • If you would like to be nominated please see Mrs. Lae in Student Services
  • January 2016 Scholarship *

  • The QuitDay scholarship is awarded to students each year who share their vision for a smoke-free world
  • $3,000 scholarship awarded to three students
  • See website for more details
  • Deadline:  March 31st of each year


  • Open to juniors and seniors that volunteer with animals in need
  • Essay required - see website for details
  • $1,000 scholarship
  • Deadline:  January 2016

Prudential Spirit of Community Award*

  • Please bring your resume to Mrs. Lae in Student Services for nomination consideration
  • Open to 9th - 12th grades
  • Geared toward students that volunteer in their community
  • $1,000 awarded to State nominees with an all expense paid trip to Washington D.C., and $5,000 awarded to National nominees
  • Deadline:  November 8, 2016

Ronald McDonald House Charities*

  • Graduating High School seniors may apply for one of four scholarships
  • Scholarship application opens in October
  • See website for more details
  • Deadline:  January 2016

Sussle Scholarship*

  • No application, no essay
  • Help others while also applying for the scholarship; you will be posting your knowledge for the benefit of others
  • $1,000 scholarship
  • Deadline:  September 2015

Student Insights*

  • Random drawing of all survey entries
  • No GPA required, No essay required
  • Deadline:  check website*

  • Several scholarship opportunities available - see Student Scholarships website
  • Amount: $500
  • Deadline:  varies

Toyota Teen Driver Video Challenge*

  • Must submit a 2 minute video on your ideas of how to make teens safer drivers (can be a group project)
  • Check website for me details
  • Deadline:  March 2016

Young Entrepreneur Foundation*

  • $2,000 to $15,000 scholarships awarded
  • Applicants must be running their own small business in order to be considered for the award
  • Deadline:  December 2015


Hispanic Scholarship Fund*

  • Latino College Dollars Search Tool

Hispanic Scholarship Directory*

  • Citizenship is required for these scholarships
  • Many scholarships to choose from

Advancing Students for a Stronger Economy Tomorrow, Colorado Asset*

  • Colorado Scholarship opportunities open to students regardless of citizenship status
  • Please visit each scholarship provider's website for current information and requirements

Centennial BOCES*

  • Scholarship links and resources

CABE Scholarships *

  • Colorado Association of Bilingual Students

Educators for Fair Consideration* (scholarships for undocumented students)

  • This is a list and guide of up-to-date information about scholarships and fellowships available for immigrant students wanting to attend graduate and professional schools
  • Several fellowships and scholarships (divided by field of study)
  • School specific scholarships
  • The list on this website is updated regularly, so please check back often for updates

Keeping the DREAM Alive Scholarship Guide for Colorado DREAMers*

  • Over 60 scholarship opportunities to choose from for undocumented students

Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund Scholarships* (MALDEF)

  • Resource guide to support high school, college, and graduate students in their attainment of higher education
  • Several scholarships available

Scholarships for Undocumented Students *

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Please see individual websites for specific details and deadlines.