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Mrs. Christine Matthie

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Advanced Placement US History
US History


Mrs. Christine Matthie has taught for 27 years (21 at FCHS), and teaches AP U.S. History and US History. She has received grants from the American
Historical Association, Library of Congress, PSD, and was selected by the Freeman Foundation for study in the Teaching East Asia Program. In addition she has recently been selected to study with the FTE Foundation for Teaching Economics in Boston. She has attended 4 AP Institutes, graded for College Board, holds a BA in History, with a minor in Political Science from the University of California, San Diego and an ME in Curriculum & Instruction from Colorado Christian University. She enjoys running, baking and reading history books for fun. At school, she enjoys mentoring students in History Club, FCA, Baccalaureate and the college application process. She has two FCHS alum, one attending K State and another young man attending SMU, Dallas. Her motto in life is "whatever you do, do your work heartily.." and to live passionately.

"Do what you can, with where you are, with what you have," Teddy Roosevelt.