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Kristin Flanagan

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I was born and raised in Eagle River, Alaska (just north of Anchorage). After High School,  I decided to move to the lower 48 and attend Colorado State University. I could not decide between majors so I complete two bachelors; Psychology and History Education. I taught History in a high school outside of Denver. I missed the front range and wanted to pursue my Master's degree in School Counseling at University of Northern Colorado which I completed in May. Throughout the last few years, I also substitute taught in the district in various settings. On my free time, I do enjoy being outdoors either hiking, camping, boating or skiing. This has led me to work in the camping department at JAX so I can talk shop and get a discount on some awesome gear. I also dabble in baking and cake decorating and completed a few wedding cakes this summer. Traveling is also a passion of mine and try to visit every place I can. I am also planning my wedding for June and engaged to a former PHS Impala. I am excited to be a Lambkin and defend the school in our future conversations.