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Megan Folkerts

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World Languages Office - 1st floor, M-hall
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Spanish 2

Spanish 4


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Señora Folkerts has 15 years of teaching experience with all different age levels.  This is her 12th year teaching at Fort Collins High School.  She received a Master of Arts in Spanish with a focus on Education from Colorado State University where she also taught 1st and 2nd semester beginning level college Spanish courses.  Prior to that she taught Spanish at the kindergarten, 5th, and 6th grade levels.  Señora Folkerts received her Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Sociology from Illinois Wesleyan University.  She studied abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico, has traveled to Spain and Peru and has many experiences outside of the classroom working with the Spanish-speaking community in the United States.  She enjoys sharing her love for the Spanish language and Hispanic culture with her students!  

"El mundo es un pañuelo."