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Tower Dance

Tower Dance information 2020-21

Tryouts are scheduled for August 10-13th at 4:30pm-7pm in the McNeal Auditorium.

Please see tryouts attire:

  • all black
  • no spaghetti straps
  • hair pulled completely back (no whispies) - no time will be given to re-adjust hair if it falls out, so make sure it is secure
  • Tennis Shoes, Jazz shoes or Turners; Shoes must be worn at ALL times
  • absolutely NO jewelry
  • no large branding or logos on any clothing
  • light to medium makeup is encouraged (what we call Game Day or performance makeup)

Preferred skills for varsity include:

  • double turn (right and left)
  • kipup
  • headsprings
  • turns in second
  • fouttes
  • grand jetes (right and left)
  •  leaps in second