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Where Excellence is Expected

Where Excellence is Expected


The Senior Class of 1861—five students—was the first class to be graduated from Fort Collins High School.


Grads 1861
Graduates 1861

By 1891 the Senior Class had grown to 15 students. The making of this informal Senior Class “farewell portrait” was the beginning of a tradition that has continued ever since.

Grads 1891
Graduates 1891
Now the Senior Class “farewell portrait” is always taken in the gym:  The Fort Collins High School Senior Class of 1989 numbered 420.
Grads 1989
Graduates 1989​​​​​​
For many years each graduating class donated, and planted, a class tree to beautify the school’s grounds.  This tradition continues today with a twist: Each graduating class presents a class gift to beautify the school inside or outside the building.
Class of 1965 donation
The first Commencement Exercise at Fort Collins High School contained the same elements then as those of today: speeches and other expressions of gratitude, music, and the presentation of diplomas.

OU Grad Spring 2021
OU Grad Spring 2021

Current Graduation Information

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