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Jason Cunningham

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Hello, Lambkins!  My name is Jason Cunningham and I am excited for my second year at Fort Collins High School and eleventh overall year of teaching.  Prior to teaching here, I graduated from CU Boulder (but root for the Rams now) and then taught in all secondary settings in the Estes Park School District for four years, Mead Middle School for one year, and Northridge High School in Greeley for four years.  Aside from the first six years of my life in New York and Texas, I have lived in Colorado the entire time; after 20 years in Estes Park, I lived in Loveland for one year before moving to Fort Collins with my wife six years ago.  

At home, I have a one-year daughter named Adira; my wife, Gwen; and our two Chihuahuas, Dusty and Winnie; and our Pomeranian, Kita.  With a little baby at home, I don't often have a lot of time to myself.  In the spare time I do have, you'd most often catch me playing hockey or ice skating at EPIC, wandering through Fort Collins' parks playing Pokemon Go, or riding my bike to Boyd Lake or Spring Canyon.  Aside from that, I'm also really into political science, Zelda and Pokemon video games, Magic: the Gathering, narrative-based video games like Detroit: Become Human and The Quarry, and fantasy football and hockey.  I am completing my master's degree in political science from University of Illinois - Springfield. 

Here at FCHS, I am the new yearbook advisor.  I'm also starting a narrative-based video games club that would meet during lunch.  All in all, I'm interested in a wide variety of activities and am frequently down to try new ones.  I like to connect with people on a variety of subjects and am looking forward to getting to know all of you this year!


School Year Term Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 Period 4 Period 5 Period 6 Period 7 Period 8
2022 - 2023 Fall Semester U.S. Literature and Composition - P201 World Literature and Composition - P201 U.S Literature and Composition - P206 Yearbook - L202 U.S. Literature and Composition - P206 World Literature and Composition - P201 Planning - P106 Planning - P106
Spring Mind Center U.S. Literature and Composition World Literature and Composition World Literature and Composition U.S. Literature and Composition U.S. Literature and Composition Planning Planning
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