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Where Excellence is Expected

Where Excellence is Expected

Kyla Hanson (She/Her)

English Language Arts
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Hello FOCO Family!

I've been cheering on the Women's National Team during the Women's World Cup--Go Sophia Smith!  Did you know her Mom, Molly McGuinness-Smith played Varsity soccer with me for the Lambkins?  Molly also played varsity basketball and went to Wyoming to play basketball where she met fellow basketball player Kenny Smith, Sophia's dad.   You see where's greatness there's a Lambkin connection--like you.

I've also been camping, reading, landscaping, road-tripping, and renovating.  Now, I'm thinking about how I can make 2023-24 so much fun for Humanities and World Lit.  The World Lit. team and I met throughout the summer, and this class shows the best of our team's three months of planning.

Humanities and Concurrent Enrollment Humanities, we are going to take a hands-on scaffolded approach as we move chronologically from the Ancient Greeks or Middle Ages forward.  Each class day will build upon the previous day.  It's super fun, and less fun to miss than building Ancient Greek Temples out of playdough while learning the geography and mythology of each island as we transform our classroom into the map of the Greek islands "sailing" from Athens to Sparta, Cypress to Lesbos.  Homework in the college-level sections 1021 and 1022  will consist of reading and annotating.  Classical Humanities only has homework if you are unable to complete class projects, notes, and study guides during class time.

I love teaching at Fort Collins High School, and see your children, like my own, as the legacy of excellence that is Fort Collins High School--Home of the Champions.  

With love and respect,

Ms. Hanson


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2023 - 2024 1st Semester Classical Humanities P207 Classical Humanities P207 Classical Humanities P207 Planning--P207
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