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Academic Guidance

The Student Services department at FCHS is dedicated to help Every Lambkin Every Day academically.  We are here to help guide students through their academic years helping students learn skills and build on their strengths to be successful students.

Individual Career and Academic Planning

Academic Links

For study skills and test taking strategies, go to: Study Skills
For tips on talking to teachers, go to: Ten Tips for Talking to Teachers
For tutoring, go to: The Peer Counseling Tutoring Program

Options for High School Credit

Before you sign up for a class to earn high school credit from an online course, talk to your counselor to make sure that it is going to meet your graduation requirement. FCHS accepts courses for high school credit from the following institutions: University of Nebraska, University of Colorado, University of Missouri and Brigham Young University.

To sign up for one of these classes you will need to:

  • Go to (as an example)
  • Click on courses online
  • Click on 7-12 grade courses

From here you can look at all of the classes that BYU offers online.

Final Exam: You will need to take a final exam at the end of your course. You must pass the final exam to earn credit for the class. Once you have submitted all of your assignments you can request to take the final exam. You will request that you will be taking your final exam at a testing center. Testing Centers in Fort Collins include:

  • Colorado State University Testing Center - 970-491-6498
  • Front Range Community College - 970-204-8188

Deadline: Fort Collins High School must receive your final grade for any correspondence course you are taking by May 1st of your graduation year. This ensures that the course will be on your transcript by graduation. If you do not receive a passing final grade for the course by May 1st of your graduation year, you will not be able to participate in graduation ceremonies. If the grade arrives after May 1st, you will be able to submit it to FCHS and be considered a summer graduate.

Test Anxiety

Anxiety is not always a negative thing, as it can stimulate us to perform beyond what we would expect. But too much anxiety can be debilitating. Testing can produce anxiety that can be detrimental to performing well on tests. Poor test performance may result in a descending spiral of dread, anxiety, and poor performance, thereby resulting in ongoing grade issues in courses that are test performance dependent. To help families and students, a list of websites has been provided below for the latest in supportive approaches in dealing with test anxiety. Many of these resources are from college/university websites, where the demand for test performance is the greatest. If you need further assistance, see your school counselor or your family physician for recommendations.

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Go To: 35 Must-Know Test Taking Tips & Strategies

Go To: Helping Children Overcome Test Anxiety - American School Counselor Association