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Where Excellence is Expected

Where Excellence is Expected


For questions about FCHS Athletics please navigate to the main Athletics page or contact the FCHS Athletic Secretary at ndahlseide@psdschools.org or 970.488.8011

Sports that have individual web pages are linked accordingly in the below table. Navigate to their website for the latest information on that sport.

Fall Sports

Cheerleading Kathy Johnson kathyj@psdschools.org 970.488.8006
Cross Country Tom Ruthven truthven@psdschools.org 970.732.0747
Dance Team      
Field Hockey (FRHS) Kelly Stansbury kstansbury@psdschools.org  
Football Matt Yemm myemm@psdschools.org 970.412.0221
Golf (Boys) Brent Uhrich brentu@psdschools.org 970.691.7300
Gymnastics (RMHS) Jaianna Sattler jsattler@psdschools.org 970 402 1555
Soccer (Boys) Samuel Deitz sdeitz@psdschools.org 970.310.3020
Softball Arica Abrames aricadds@yahoo.com 970-443-5700
Tennis (Boys) Dennis Crow crowvb@gmail.com 970-690-4792
Flag Football John Maguire jmaguire@psdschools.org 970.488.8136
Unified Cheer Liz Rodarte erodarte@psdschools.org  
Volleyball (Girls) Lindsey Blahauvietz  lindseyb@psdschools.org  

Winter Sports

Basketball (Boys) Bruce Dick beysports@gmail.com 303.908.0405
Basketball (Girls) Kerstin Young kyoung@psdschools.org  
Cheerleading Kathy Johnson kathyj@psdschools.org 970.488.8006
Dance Team      
Ice Hockey Riley Nelson rileyn@psdschools.org  
Skiing (Nordic, PHS) Kyle Steitz coachkylesteitz@gmail.com  
Swim & Dive (Girls) Kirk Witulski kwitulski@psdschools.org 303.503.8882
Unified Basketball Chris Case chcase@psdschools.org  
Unified Cheer Liz Rodarte erodarte@psdschools.org  
Wrestling (Boys) Mark Moser mark_tilines@hotmail.com 515.864.6158
Wrestling (Girls, PHS) Desiree Kendall
Joshua Beck

Spring Sports

Baseball Tagg Lain tlain@psdschools.org 307-631-8386
Cheerleading Kathy Johnson kathyj@psdschools.org 970.488.8006
Golf (Girls, FRHS) Ryan Wulff rwulff@psdschools.org 970-488-6376
Lacrosse (Boys, TMHS) Will Cantwell wcantwel@psdschools.org 720-937-4422
Lacrosse (Girls, RMHS) Pam Kramer Pbkramer14@psdschools.org  
Tennis (Girls) Tidhar Sadeh tsadeh@psdschools.org 970-215-6940
Soccer (Girls) Sam Deitz sdeitz@psdschools.org 970-310-3022
Swim & Dive (Boys) Kirk Witulski kwitulski@psdschools.org 303.503.8882
Track & Field Jeff Brennan jbrennan@psdschools.org  
Unified Soccer Devon Curran dcurran@psdchools.org  
Volleyball (Boys) Chris Savage csavage@psdschools.org  
  Brian Switala bswitala@psdschools.org  

Athletic Director: Kyle Tregoning  (970-488-8001), ktregoni@psdschools.org

Athletic Secretary: Nichole Dahlseide  (970-488-8011), ndahlseide@psdschools.org 

Athletic Trainer:  Sydney Rios  (970-305-1777), srios@orthohealth.com 

PSD does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, veteran status, age or disability in access or admission to, or treatment or employment in, its programs or activities. A lack of English speaking skills will not be a barrier to admission or participation.