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Culinary & Hospitality Course Descriptions

4440 | Catering 1: 5 credits – grades 10, 11, 12 – Fine & Applied Arts – no prerequisite, Fee $35

This program is designed for students with career interests in the food industry as well as owning their own catering business.  The purpose of this course is to develop skills in quantity food preparation, safety and sanitation, planning, customer service, business plans and entrepreneurship. FCCLA is also an integral part of this course.


7631CEFRCC | FRCC Food Safety & Sanitation (CUA1001): 5 credits/2 college credits – grades 10, 11, 12 – Fine & Applied Arts – prerequisite: Catering I.  Recommended 'C' or better in Catering 1.

CUA 1001: Introduces the student to the basic rules of sanitation, food-borne illnesses, safe food temperatures, safe food handling techniques, the HACCP Program, pest control procedures, and local/state health rules and regulations for food service operations. At the completion of the course students take a nationally recognized test from the Education Foundation of the National Restaurant Association. If passed with a score of 75% or more, students receive a Certificate of from the Education Foundation.


See Counselor | Futures Lab: Culinary & Hospitality: Various credits – grades 10, 11, 12 – Various Graduation Requirements – no prerequisite

Join us to delve into the relationship between a guest and a host, a connoisseur and a chef, and a tourist and a guide through the Culinary and Hospitality Pathway. In this pathway, learners will experience how to manage, market, and operate a variety of aspects within the hospitality industry. Learners will have engaging, unique opportunities to advance their culinary skills and expand their knowledge of beauty, culture, and cuisine of the world. Learners will deepen their understanding of the connections between business operations and human experience. As part of this pathway, learners may complete their ProStart and/or ServSafe certifications. See Futures Lab Website for more details. 


9220 | Work-Based Learning: Culinary & Hospitality: Various Credits - grades 10, 11, 12 - Elective - prerequisite: Any pathways course

Students build on prior knowledge and skills in the program of study to further develop and apply employability and technical skills that prepare them for success in future career and postsecondary education.

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