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Personal & Social Resources

The Student Services department is dedicated to help Every Lambkin Every Day personally and socially.  We are here to listen, guide and provide support for students both in their personal and social growth.

Poudre School District Student Assistance Services

Margaret LeMasters, MSW, CAC II                                
Mental Health Specialist                                                

Ann Robinson, LCSW
Mental Health Specialist

Bethany Condon 
School Counselor 
Drug and Alcohol Guidance and Education 
McKinney Vento Building Liaison 
(970) 488-8085 

Margaret & Ann work with Fort Collins High School students in need of support around all types of issues. They can also assist in referring students and families to other community resources. If you are looking for a guide to outside service providers or local therapists, please visit this resource* that offers treatment philosophy and contact information. 

Bethany supports students at FCHS in a couple of different roles.  Her office is located in the Wellness Center, a room in the Student Services department that serves as a quiet, confidential space students can use when needing counseling or a mindfulness break.  Her primary role is in providing prevention education, intervention, and support to students in the area of drug and alcohol use.  Additionally, Bethany supports students experiencing transitional housing situations or homelessness in connecting them to resources to meet their immediate needs.

Community Resources

Community Resource Guide

About this Guide

The many community partners that serve youth and families want to do their best to support Poudre School District (PSD) school leaders and staff by ensuring they can connect students and families to relevant support resources.

While there are resources in the community designed to inform school staff about services, there remains a gap in information.  To help bridge this gap and meet an immediate, identified needs, the following compilation of resources was created to help principals and school staff easily find information about community resources in three key domains (Social and Emotional Support, Enrichment Activities, and Basic Needs).

This Guide:

  • is designed for school principals and staff.
  • provides link to currently available resources that provide services within the PSD boundary.
  • builds on existing information already available.
  • is focused on services for youth and families generally, unless specifically noted.
  • provides resources as a public service only.  
  • PSD does not endorse or recommend one organization over the other.

The guide is not a comprehensive list of resources in the community, but rather is designed to direct PSD principals and staff to resources that align with needs occurring in their schools.  As this is a first iteration of this resource, feedback will be sought about how useful it was and  ways it could be improved.

Additional Resources not included in the Community Resource Guide 
  • PSD does not endorse or recommend one organization over the other.
  • Please note: FCHS is not responsible for the content on any of the websites listed.

Academics - Tutoring/GED Programs

Anger Management & Domestic Violence

Basic Needs


Child Abuse/Neglect

Drugs/Alcohol & Eating Disorders


Grief and Loss

Health Care


Parent Tool Kit 

  • The toolkit was produced by NBC News and support by Pearson, the Parent Toolkit will help you navigate your child's journey from pre-kindergarten through high school.


Suicide Prevention

  • 1-800-SUICIDE - 1-800-784-2433
  • 1-800-273-TALK - 1-800-273-8255