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Peer Counseling

The Peer Counselors have a 25 year history of helping our school and community. They staff an office on the second floor of the gold hall equipped with a couch, computer, and music for anyone to hang out in during an off hour. Peer counselors are trained in empathetic listening skills, and act as a resource and support for various high school issues including, but not limited to: family issues, social and emotional concerns, drug and alcohol abuse, health issues, relationships, and conflict resolution. Many of the peer counselors are also excellent academic tutors, and they maintain a tutoring schedule that is distributed to all the faculty at the beginning of each semester. The peers are goodwill ambassadors for Fort Collins High School and give terrific school tours. Stop by their office and check out the friendliest place at Fort Collins High School!

Peer Counseling Vision Statement

Mission Statement

"As Peers we are here to create a culture centered on unifying our Lambkin family and creating an open ears, mind, and door mentality."

Peer Counselors 

Sponsor: Tanya Vigil

Ask a Peer!

2017/2018 Peer Counselors

  • Isabel Abbajay
  • Blake Dragan
  • Rachelle Gray
  • Brooke Hein
  • Laura Hirn
  • Lino Lopez
  • Lauren Meyer
  • Elizabeth Moddelmog
  • Aidan Murray
  • Kailey Paterson
  • Jack Peterson
  • Sanuel Piotraschke
  • Bryce Simms
  • Grace Sluss
  • Denilson Suarez
  • Maiya Swanson
  • Benjamin Titelbaum
  • Paola Vasquez
  • Wyatt Warberg
  • Victoria Whitcomb
  • Shay Wind
  • Cleo Young

Welcome Class of 2018/2019 Peer Counselors!

  • Caleb Brlecic
  • Regan Buckner
  • Nathan Cano
  • James Donahue
  • Paige Elliott
  • Jose Esquivel Hernandez
  • Claire Freeman
  • Teren Grey
  • Abigael Hyberger
  • Claire Jenkins
  • Erika Jones
  • Caroline Kane
  • Roie Karni
  • William Lamperes
  • Hung Mai
  • Lillian McAulay
  • Avariahh McCaffrey-Winter
  • Jacob Rademacher
  • Dylan Shields
  • Zoe Struble
  • Ryan Torrez
  • Kellan Voggesser
  • Natasha Wisniewski
  • Helen Yoseph

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