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Education & Training Course Descriptions

4310 | Child & Adolescent Development: 5 credits – grades 9, 10, 11, 12 – Elective – no prerequisite

The purpose of this course is to acquire knowledge and understanding of child and adolescent development necessary for strengthening the well-being of children and families. Content focuses on perspectives of human development, research and theories, understanding and nurturing development, and challenges to development.


4019 | Education Exploration: 5 credits – grades 9, 10, 11, 12 – Elective – no prerequisite

Education Exploration is a semester course designed to provide students with an overview of professions within education. Students will discover their own learning style and how learning styles impact teaching and the delivery of lessons. Experiences with various education professionals will enhance the understanding of classroom planning, licensure requirements, and career opportunities within school systems. This course includes a minimum of 15 extended learning hours, which may be outside of class time. With exemplary performance and instructor recommendation, students may apply for the Teacher Cadet program without meeting the 3.0 GPA requirement.


7290 | Interpersonal Relationships: 5 credits – grades 10, 11, 12 – Elective – no prerequisite

The purpose of the course is to acquire academic knowledge and understanding for healthy, respectful, and caring relationships across the life span. Emphasis is placed on family and friend dynamics, effective communication, and healthy interpersonal relationships.


7684CEFRHS | FRCC Intro to Education (EDU2211): 5 credits/3 college credits– grades 10, 11, 12 – Elective – Prerequisite: Education Exploration

EDU2211: Focuses on the historical, social, political, philosophical, cultural and economic forces that shape the United States public school system. Includes current issues of educational reform, technology as it relates to education and considerations related to becoming a teacher in the state of Colorado. Special interest will be paid to the topic of diversity in the K-12 school system. At FCHS: Students in this class will be involved in a fast-paced, innovative, hands-on curriculum where they gain knowledge about teaching and learning. Students will develop and master skills that will be helpful in college and beyond, such as presentation, public speaking, writing, communication, and reasoning. Each student will make a difference with children as they "try out" teaching in a "mini-teaching" experience. 


7061CEFRHS | FRCC Practicum I (EDU1088): 5 credits/3 college credits– grades 10, 11, 12 – Elective – Prerequisite: Education Exploration

Registered in conjunction with 7685CEFRHS. EDU 1088: Provides students with the opportunity to supplement coursework with practical work experience related to their educational program.  Students work under the immediate supervision of experienced personnel at the education facility and with the direct guidance of the instructor.


See Counselor | Futures Lab: Early Childhood Education: Various credits – grades 10, 11, 12 – Various Graduation Requirements – no prerequisite

Learners in this pathway will discover multiple facets of early learning success as they engage in their own hands-on experiential learning. Students will understand how to create the circumstances learning to work for birth to age 8 learners.  Learning structures include technology, collaboration, and creativity.  This pathway is one to two years and learners have the opportunity to earn PSD credits along with 12 CE credits per year at no cost. Students who complete two full years in the pathway can earn up to 24 CE credits.  See Futures Lab Website for more details. 


4034 | Work-Based Learning: Education: Various credits – grades 10, 11, 12 – Elective – prerequisite: Any pathways course

The Work-based Learning (WBL) experience allows for the application of the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities that are delivered through the coursework of the Program of Study (POS). Students build on prior knowledge and skills in the program of study to further develop and apply employability and technical skills that prepare them for success in future career and post secondary education.


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