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Leadership Opportunities Course Descriptions

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7027 | Leadership (LINK Leader): 5 credits – grade 11, 12 – Elective – Prerequisite: application only

Leadership is an elective course that is designed to provide students with an opportunity to develop communication skills and participate in community service projects. At FCHS: Leadership is an elective course specifically for those students selected as LINK Leaders for the  Lambkin Way Class. This course will provide LINK Leaders with the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills by teaching lessons and assisting the Lambkin Way instructors. Applications are available mid-January.


8103 | Peer Counseling Training (Juniors): variable credits – grade 11 – Elective – Prerequisite: application only

This is the training class for senior Peer Counseling. Students are taught basic counseling skills; and receive referral information and knowledge of crisis issues that teens and their families may encounter. This class requires an application and an interview in the fall of junior year. There is a fee for this class. 


8102 | Peer Counseling (Seniors): variable credits – grade 12 – Elective –Prerequisite: application only

This class is designed to train and prepare a selected group of students to provide support and resources for their peers. In this class, students learn introductory counseling skills and receive information and training on issues that are pertinent to teens. Some examples: are grief, loss, drugs, alcohol, teen pregnancy, sexuality, and dating violence. After their training, peers provide one-on-one support and complete classroom presentations. There is a fee for this class. 


8140 | Student Council: 10 credits – grade 9, 10, 11, 12 – Elective –Prerequisite: application only

Student Council acts as the Fort Collins High School student government. Students are elected for the following school year by their respective classmates to council positions each spring (application process for freshmen). The purpose of the organization is to represent, coordinate, and serve the student body of FCHS. Student Council reviews issues impacting the high school and community, listens to student input, and provides representation when working with school administrators. Student Council also works to create a cohesive environment and encourage school spirit within the student body. Much of this is achieved through coordinating fundraisers, sporting events, clubs, and other school-sponsored functions. In addition to coordination, the organization serves the student body by implementing such activities and events. Examples of past Student Council-sponsored events include Homecoming, Mr. FCHS, Purple & Gold Silent Auction, and Spread the Love Week. Prospective students must understand that there is a significant time commitment outside of the normal school day.


8157 | Diversity Leadership: 10 credits- grades 9,10,11, 12 

This course will focus on building leadership skills promoting diversity within our student body and increasing awareness and acceptance of all populations and backgrounds.  Academic time and support will also be a component of this course. Students of all backgrounds are encouraged to register and apply.

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