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Where Excellence is Expected

Where Excellence is Expected

Gifted & Talented


The Gifted and Talented (GT) Program at Fort Collins High School includes a research and standards-based four-year program in which facilitators have a graduate degree in the education of students with gifts and talents. The program offers opportunities for challenges, creativity, and authentic learning in areas of intellectual passion as chosen and driven by the individual student. Students are also given the opportunity for postgraduate exploration and professional networking.

GT teachers incorporate higher level thinking skills – making inferences, comparative reasoning, and evaluative reasoning through rich discussions in classes. Options are provided to allow for student choice when developing an end product.

We incorporate the ALP (Advanced Learning Plan) into each student’s ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan). We utilize Xello to house these plans. Students will set short-term, long-term, and affective goals each year.


Gifted and Talented Honors Academy at Fort Collins High School: 
  • 9th Grade: To support a positive transition for our GT-identified Freshmen, students are grouped into GT-specific Lambkin Way Seminar classes. Here they will have the opportunity to interact with like-minded peers who have similar passions and interests. 
  • 10th Grade: During the Sophomore year, students may enroll in the GT Enrichment Seminar class where the student will focus on leadership skills, career and education exploration, and a collaborative skill-based service learning project in an area of interest and impact.
  • 11th Grade & 12th Grade: Junior and Senior year GT students may enroll in the Junior Colloquium Seminar class and the Senior Colloquium Research class which is modeled after a 30-year-old program at the Indiana GT Academy for Science, Mathematics and Humanities located on Ball State campus. Colloquium is a discussion-oriented seminar featuring the intellectual and scholarly examination of significant ideas from varying disciplines pertinent to the human story. Senior students will research and produce a product with the support of an expert in the field of interest.

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Department Leader

Kate Sherrill

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