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Where Excellence is Expected

Pete Lopez

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I graduated from Collins (Class of '94), where I enjoyed playing football and baseball (and going to class too, of course). I attended Southern Illinois University, earning a B.S. in Aviation Management and then commissioned in the Air Force as an Aircraft Maintenance Officer. I separated in Hawaii in ’07 and spent a few years enjoying the sun and fun of paradise before moving back to FC in ’11 and rebranding into education. I attended CSU and earned a B.S. in Engineering and a M.Ed. I was lucky enough to get hired on at my alma mater and I’ve been on staff here since FA17, where I have taught Woods, Metals, Drones, Robotics, Principles of Engineering, and Math. I currently teach Geometry and Algebra I. My hobbies include: Harley-riding, keeping my 1983 4×4 Chevy van running, Horsetooth, Frolf, and watching my favorite sports! My classroom is a place where students are encouraged to be intentional in everything they do, to take ownership of their choices, and to internalize the fact that they can (and should) engage seriously as thinkers and people TODAY. I believe everyone benefits when young people plug in and contribute to shaping the destiny we all share...it's never been more important!


School Year Term Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 Period 4 Period 5 Period 6 Period 7 Period 8
2023-2024 Q3 Algebra 1A - L104 Pre-Algebra - L104 Planning Period - L104 Algebra 1A - L104
2023-2024 Q3 Algebra 1A
2023-2024 Quarter 1 Geometry A - L104 Plan - L104 Geometry A - L104 Geometry B - L104
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