As your leadership team, we are unified in our commitment to upholding the Pillars of Excellence through open and honest communication, collaborative practices, a safe and inclusive school environment, and support for our entire Lambkin family! 

Administrative Team

Jennifer Roth Principal 970.488.8003
Rob Larson Assistant Principal 970.488.8007
Kyle Tregoning Athletic Director

Assistant Principal
Justin Stephens Assistant Principal 970.488.8004
Mariah Runyan Assistant Principal 970.488.8005
Michael Himlie Dean of Students 970.488.8242
Kaitlin Miles Dean of Students 970.488.8044

Front Office Support Team

Carl Baumert Campus Monitor 970.488.8053
Lisa Branaman (Ms. Avocado) Secretary 970.488.8023
Gage Duncan Receptionist 970.488.8021
Nicole Dahlseide Athletic Secretary 970.488.8011
Elizabeth Delap Bookkeeper 970.488.8019
Jason Epling SRO 970.488.8010
Elizabeth Hale Secretary 970.488.8002
Wayne Gomez Campus Security 970.488.8032
Kathy Johnson Office Manager 970.488.8006
Courtney Kershner Attendance Clerk 970.488.8017
Nickolas Kloberdanz Campus Monitor 970.488.8053
Monica Holck Health Tech 970.488.8015
Julie Stajduhar Registrar 970.488.8107
Jessica Stewart Campus Monitor 970.488.8053